Why We Moved – Welcome to Ladies Who Geek

We are delighted to announce the launch of Ladies Who Geek! This is a new organization, unaffiliated with the international GGB organization, that will provide more flexibility and meet the specific needs of the DFW area ladies more closely. Plus, as a non-profit organization we have the option of taking on partners and sponsors that enable us to create unique opportunities for our membership to enjoy.

Why leave GGB?

GGB is a wonderful organization and we have been grateful to work with them for the last several years. However, we are eager to expand our outreach and event offerings in line with the preferences that the DFW area ladies have expressed to us. Creating a new organization will allow us to have more flexibility to match our members’ needs, expand and diversify our event offerings, and create more leadership opportunities. You are still a member of GGB International and can find other Texas chapters on the main GGB website. This is an opportunity to also become a member of our new organization.

What’s the difference?

Ladies Who Geek will do more than brunch. We sent out surveys, we asked for feedback, and we received it from our DFW community. Ladies Who Geek will focus on supporting our growing community with more events of different types, special events, and low-cost and free opportunities to meet with other ladies. You can be a part of this process every year by volunteering your time on our charitable and social incentives, by running to be on the Board of Directors, or by running to be on our Local Committee and facilitating smaller local city dinners in your location.

We’ve initiated a paid membership program, in addition to our free membership, to help support this non-profit. If you choose to become a paid member, your membership fees will go towards supporting free events, discounted events, swag, and operational expenses such as fees, deposits, rentals, etc.

Join Ladies Who Geek! Become a supporting Member.

Ladies Who Geek – Paid Membership – $35 annual membership
Ladies Who Geek – Free Membership
  • Ladies Who Geek name badge
  • Buddy Pass (1 free pass to attend any event to give away).
  • Core event discount (brunch, happy hour, local dinner)
  • First buy-in to Special Events
  • Vote in yearly Board Elections

Future Benefits!

  • Member Swag
  • Annual paid member event
  • Local DFW company discounts
  • Always welcome to attend core events!
  • Always welcome to attend special events!
  • Always welcome to attend free events!
  • Vote in yearly Board Elections



 **Membership does not include usual event ticket price.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Email us at ladieswhogeek@gmail.com.

Social media will be moving over the course of the next day and the website (and event calendar!) will become more detailed as we go along. We want this to be a celebration of where we are going in 2018 and in creating something fun that everyone can enjoy.

Thank you so much for being a part of this transition. As always much love and geek on!


Added November 4th, 2017
  • What constitutes being a member of Ladies Who Geek
    • Signing up for our Free Membership and Paid Membership links constitutes you as being a member of Ladies Who Geek. Liking/Following/Joining our social media pages does not constitute you as a member of Ladies Who Geeks but as an interested follower of the organization.
  • When does membership expire?
    • Membership is annual (12 months) with an automatic renewal on your start date. You can cancel at any time from your Membership account screen.
  • What are membership dues used for exactly?
    • Space deposits, event swag, free event logistics, free tickets to events (buddy pass), website hosting fees, domain fees, website plugin-fees, legal and business fees to support the organization, etc.
    • You will be able to view our yearly budget After our first general meeting January 23rd, 2018.

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