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Nina Batts

  • I have a degree in digital media and work at Swagit Productions where we focus on local government video. So I’ve recently learned a lot about how meetings and cities run! Hope to bring that and my telekinesis to the table.
  • I’ve really enjoyed my time on the board and feel like I’m only getting better at the role of Affiliation Development.
  • I hope to nab even more partners and affiliates.

Erin Messick

  • I’m an old otaku (weeaboomer, maybe) of 36 years. I have a master’s degree in Cancer Immunology and I am an adjunct professor of biology at El Centro College. I love anime, video games, sci fi and fantasy, science, and pop culture. I am also on the steering committee of Dallas Anime Meetup (DAM fam!) and on the DPD includes me committee of the Dallas Pinup Dolls.
  • I regular participate in fundraisers DPD is involved with- Toys for Tots, raising money for local animal shelters at our annual Trunk or Treat.
    I have steering committee meetings with both Dallas Anime Meetup and Dallas Pinup Dolls to go to, but it’s usually on Sundays during the day, once a month for each group.
  • I’ve been a member for about 2 years now and I enjoy the themed brunches. I enjoy hanging out with other nerdy ladies.

Nichole Parr

  • Previously served on the board as the VP of Philanthropy. While working at Boeing was the chair of volunteer management supplying 3 volunteer opportunities a week for a year at various non profits throughout Washington state.
  • VP of Philanthropy for Ladies Who Geek in 2019. Current Director for Altrusa of Denton County.
  • I have been an active volunteer in my community since the young age of seven. I love seeking odd events to volunteer at and learn more about my community by getting my hands dirty. While working at Boeing I had the opportunity to find volunteer opportunities for  workers in the Pacific Northwest which increased the overall community involvement. I want to share that skillset with Ladies Who Geek and give the ladies additional opportunities to make a difference.

Kat Siegert

  • I, Kat, am a very motivated project oriented professional with many years of Project Management experience. Working in video games for almost 10 years gave me a healthy dose of love for geeks and geek culture, while understanding the delight of having a safe space to share what you love. Talk to me about board or video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Doctor who or any other major staple and I’m happy to yell excitedly with you! Even just popping a message about cosplay related things and I’m happy to share those decades of experience and help out in any way that I can.
  • I was the Marketing Director for Ladies Who Geek for the last year, and I’m ready to step up and take the next step.
  • When I first moved to Texas, I came for a job and had no friends and very little access to the nerd community that was already built here in Dallas. I have loved the friendships that I’ve built over the last year, the opportunities that I have been given, and the delightful moments that have occurred as a result of joining this group. When I thought I was going to have to move away at the beginning of this year when I lost my job, this was one of the things I was saddest at leaving. I would love to be able to continue with this group to be able to meet with awesome people, and plan to continue with great events that helped me find an awesome group of DnD ladies, fun events and great relationships throughout all of the months that we have worked together.
  • I look forwards to the next year full of Hogwart’s letters, blue telephone boxes, Pokemon breakfasts and all the different ways we celebrate being a nerd together!

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