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Types of Events

We strive to make our events unique, fun, and harassment free. In doing this we look for private or semi-private rooms or places where we feel comfortable geeking out, cosplaying, and hanging out with other like minded ladies.

All events except Happy Hour are members only. You can sign up for a free or supporting paid membership at any time.

Core Events

Happy Hours are free to attend. If we have a limited amount of space we’ll let you know and ask for an RSVP. Often appetizers will be provided but drinks and food will be on individual checks. These events may have a fun raffle or swag given away depending on the attendance cap and event topic.

Brunches are by ticket only. In this way we can reserve rooms that often have a food and beverage minimum if not a deposit. Brunches almost always include a raffle and a fun activity based on the event topic.

Other Events

Smaller local events are run by the Local City Chairs. Each city can have one representative member who helps coordinate an event within that city, has a voice in board meetings, and has the literal support of Ladies Who Geek to make such a local event happen. These events can be wherever and whenever your city likes!

General meetings are quarterly and free to attend by anyone! We know it can be difficult to drop everything and attend solo. The general meeting is geared towards ladies who want to learn about Ladies Who Geek. Tagalongs (kids, partners, friends) are welcomed to make attending easier. Come learn about lwg, meet the board of directors, and ask questions. We’ll have guest speakers at general meetings that will be unique to Ladies Who Geek. You won’t want to miss out!

Free/Pay as you go events happen once a quarter and are free for any ladies 18+ to attend. RSVP is required so we can adequately plan!

Special events are fun member only events that don’t fall into our core offering but that our members suggest and want to take part in! Ladies Who Geek coordinates and makes it happen and these will happen on a case by case basis.

Who Can Attend?

  • Any event that is labeled co-ed means that anyone male can attend as long as they have been invited by a member. This helps us keep co-ed events personal and harassment free.
  • Any event that is labeled kid friendly means that children are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • All events not labeled in the above are ladies only, 18+.


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