Member Spotlight – Nicole Wight

What are your favorite fandoms and why?

Doctor Who & Harry Potter, in no particular order. I love the heart-wrenching escape and fantastical stories from Doctor Who, but I also love the magic of Harry Potter…I’m hoping to live as a squib one day in Hogwarts.

What nerdy or geeky activities do you love and what got you interested in them?

I’m really into board games. My husband and I have a really huge and growing collection and we enjoy cons for board games as well as the regular nerdy cons, too. I used to help manage an LGS (local game store) where we lived in NJ, and learned how to play so many games..some of our favorites are Eldritch Horror, Dixit, and a whole lot of Kickstarter Games such as the Ghostbusters Game & Ghostbusters II board games.

Who are your favorite characters (from anything!) and why?

Chamber from the Generation X Comic Book Series would be a start. I have the entire series and it was my all-time favorite read when I was younger. I loved that he could read minds, but he was practically untouchable because he was always on fire. I felt bad for him because it was hard for people to touch him and love him. I also loved Doctor 10 because of my unhealthy obsession with David Tennant, and Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. I’m telling you, I called that casting at least 2 years before it happened!

When did you get involved in the DFW area nerdy scene or in GGB?

I’ve always been a nerd at heart. I moved here almost 2 years ago for my job, and searching for nerdy things to do was nearly the first thing I did. I was so excited to find GGB, and the plan is to attend many more events and help out however I can in the coming year. It’s such a great and safe place for people like me, and I really enjoy that.

What is your superpower?

I guess multi-tasking! I don’t know how I do it, but somehow I get it all done and quickly. I have a full-time job as a Senior Project Manger for a major digital marketing company, I’m also the Ways & Means VP for the Plano Senior PTSA, I write for Social Media Week and manage a really large and active Facebook Group in my spare time, and I also volunteer at a ministry (not of magic) at my church that helps people cope with depression, co-dependency, addiction and much more – AND somehow still have time to socialize after that.

Who is your role model?

I’d have to say JK Rowling. Here’s a woman who was homeless, and had everyone telling her she was never going to be anyone important…and look at her now. She’s been a huge inspiration to both my work and my personal life. I attribute much of my risk-taking to her willingness to take chances herself.

What else do you want people to know about you?

I am ALWAYS looking for people to play board games with. We have amassed quite the collection and they are no fun with just myself and my husband. Friday nights in Plano are always open, so friend me on Facebook and let’s get to know one another! I also REALLY love the Golden Girls. If you ask me about it, be prepared for a very long conversation. Lastly, HMU on Xbox: Infantrywife101.

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