Member Spotlight – mom Ivy & daughter Sharley

Ivy Kiefer and her daughter Sharley were nominated for this month’s spotlight and we couldn’t be happier than to accept that nomination and feature such a great mother and daughter duo! We decided to do a Q&A with the ladies and ask them their thoughts on being a geek girl, what they loved, and what moment they cherished together.

“Do you consider yourself a ‘Geek’?”
Ivy: Sharley and I both consider ourselves geeks.“What is your favorite T.V. show, movie, and comic?”
Ivy: My favorite movie is Avengers #1, my favorite Tv Show is a 3 way
tie between Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD , and The Flash. My favorite
comic is the Alias Jessica Jones series with the Daredevil a very
close second.

Sharley: My favorite movie is Star Wars The Force Awakens. My favorite
TV Show is a tie between Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, and Sabrina the
Teenage Witch. My favorite comic books are Doctor Who (11th Doctor) ,
Hellcat, and The Pink Panther and Grumpy Kitty comics.

“If you could have lunch with your favorite character, who would it be
and what would you have for lunch?”

Ivy: I would have lunch with the  10th Doctor. We would go to Barcelona
The Planet not the city and have chicken with the dogs with no noses.

Sharley: I  would have lunch with  Hermione  Granger. We would eat
Cottage Pie at Hogwarts with Ron and Harry. We would laugh at Snape.

“Have you ever cosplayed? What was your favorite outfit and why?”
Ivy: Yes, I have cosplayed as River Song and Jessica Jones. My
favorite is Jessica Jones.

Sharley: Yes. I have cosplayed as 11th Doctor, Black Widow, Felicity
Smoak , Felicity Smoak /Doctor Who mashup, Agent Simmons, Sabrina the
Teenage Witch, Hermione Granger, and Little Amelia Pond. My favorite
is Agents Simmons and 11 th Doctor because I got hugged by Chloe
Bennett and John Barrowman in those cosplays.

“What do you enjoy most about being a Geeky Mother/Daughter Duo?”
Ivy: We both enjoy going to comic cons, meeting awesome cosplayers,
meeting celebrities.

I also enjoy introducing Sharley to new shows that I know she will love.
I am including our picture of Alex Kingston. This is from Dallas Comic
Con Oct 2015. I remember Sharley telling me that she was going to ask
Alex to say Hello Sweetie. Sharley walked in and Alex said Hello
Sweetie and we both totally almost died. She then handed her
screwdriver to her and Alex held it during the picture. I love seeing
the looks on her face when she gets to meet the TV Stars like Peter
Capaldi and Chloe Bennett. I love that she got to have her dream of
singing with John Barrowman happen. She says that was the one of the
best moments of her life.

“What would you like other females your age to know about being
considered a Geek?”

Sharley: At my school many girls aren’t like me. They like makeup,
princess clothes, sparkles, and pink. I don’t like those things and I
want girls my age to know that it’s ok for them to like other things.
They can be a geek and that’s ok. It is ok to be different and like
Science Fiction and Superhero things. It’s ok to wear boys shirts and
not pink ones. Be who are and don’t be afraid be who you are.

Ivy: I think she summed it up above. I really don’t have anything to say.

Check out more from Sharley at her blog Bowties and Fezzes are Cool.

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