Member Spotlight – Lan Nguyen

We had the pleasure of talking to Lan Nguyen for our quarterly member profile – she has been such an enthusiastic and generous contributor to this organization already!

Q: What is your first memory of being geeky or nerdy?

A: Being in orchestra – I started out on the violin but switched to the double bass because I grew 6 inches over the summer. I’ve loved and appreciated classical music since. I also read anything and everything I got my hands on because I spent summers and weekends at the library (hello free AC!)

Q: What are your favorite fandoms, and why?

A: so many fandoms, but top 2 are Doctor Who (David Tennett as 10th Doctor, great story-lines and fantastic characters) and Harry Potter (fellow Hufflepuff! Movies and books with characters that showed love, friendship, loyalty, and true bravery.)

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: lots of money where I no longer had to work and worry about bills; I would then spend my time volunteering and donating money and time to local charities

Q: What character (from anything) do you like the most? What character do you identify with the most?

A: Bob’s Burgers – I exhibit all the different family members quirks and traits. I do relate to Tina the most, weird and awkward. I also identify with No Face from Spirited Away (I want to eat everything!)

Q: What geeky/nerdy activities do you enjoy?

A: reading, a little bit of cosplay, collecting toys, going to cons, eating

Q: What else do you want people to know about you?

A: I have a 5 year son named Cade; both husband and I got him obsessed with cars and so started his crazy collection of Hot Wheels and other car toys. We also have 2 corgis named Scout and Recon. One random bit about me: I drive a manual.

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