Member Spotlight – Alyx Flood

Ladies Who Geek was delighted to interview Alyx for this quarter’s member spotlight!
Q: What is your first memory of being geeky or nerdy?
        When I was around four, I would put a hairband over my eyes and pretend to be Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: the Next Generation. My dad was (slash is) a huge Trekkie, and we’d watch the show together. I was so confused when I saw Reading Rainbow and learned Levar Burton doesn’t have a vision impairment. 
Q: What are your favorite fandoms, and why?
        This is hard, because I like so many things! Instead of listing every little fandom I can think of (because there are a LOT, good gracious), I’ll just list the broader categories I love: magical girl anime, Marvel comics, Nintendo video games and ALL of the books. I’m currently binge-reading the Raven Boys and playing through Danganronpa.
        I really enjoy stories that celebrate female friendship and strength, and/or that have over-the-top, ridiculous storylines – I definitely prefer stuff that is cute/creepy/ridiculous.
Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
        Mind control! Slash illusions, so I could have anything and do anything I wanted and make everyone think I look super-hot. Plus, it’s kind of like having all of the powers at once, because I can make other people THINK I have all these powers, but really I’m just chilling at home or something. The more I think about it, the more I think I’d just be Emma Frost if I could? I’d totally rock being a villain.
Q: What character (from anything) do you like the most? What character do you identify with the most?
        Ooh, another tricky question! I like a lot of different characters, but for story-telling purposes I prefer characters who have a more complex story arc. For example, I think Batman is super-boring as a character (sorry, Batfans). He just starts out as a super-privileged billionaire and he since he’s already at the top, he doesn’t undergo any real changes or anything – he likes justice, he hates criminals; lather, rinse repeat. In contrast, Harley Quinn’s storyline has a more solid beginning, middle, and end, and you can understand how she became who she is. I also really enjoy Azula’s arc in Avatar: the Last Airbender. Sure, she starts off with a lot of privilege as the daughter of the Fire Lord, but her consuming need to surpass her brother and control her friends really advances her storyline, and makes the culmination of her story so satisfying.
        Hmmm… thinking over it like that, maybe I just have a major weakness for bad girls.
        As for identifying with a character, I really strongly identified with Utena from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. I have a more andro-femme style and gender-wise identify as non-binary, and the moment I saw her on screen I felt a thrill of recognition. I enjoy stereotypically “girly” things like cute makeup and ponies and such, but like Utena I still want to be a handsome prince and save princesses.
Q: What geeky/nerdy activities do you enjoy, and what got you interested in them?

        I really enjoy cosplay – there’s just something about working hard to create the best representation of a character that’s really fun to me. It’s awesome to run around in costumes, even though my wife doesn’t understand the appeal. I also like crochet and embroidery, and hanging out with my wife watching animes and eating snacks.


Q: What else do you want people to know about you?
        I’m pretty shy and introverted, and it takes a bit to get me out of my shell. If you think I seem cool, come over and say hi! I probably think you are cool, but am not sure How To Friend.

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