LWG Blogs: Dallas Pinup Dolls Interview

For our blog post this month, we were delighted to be able to interview Dallas Pinup Dolls President and Co-Founder Ashley Montgomery about this wonderful organization!

Q: What is Dallas Pinup Dolls? Where did the name come from?

We are a group of gals with four things in common:

1. We identify as female. You do not have to be “born” as female – we are LBGTQ+ friendly!

2. We have to live around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex or be willing to travel for events and meetings.

3. We love the vintage lifestyle! Our gals dress anywhere from 20s-60s and we do not limit vintage style. We accept:

  • True vintage style (as in the clothing actually came from a certain era)
  • Repro vintage style (clothing replicated from a certain era)
  • Rockabilly style (think a t-shirt, rolled up jeans, and a bandana)
  • Psychobilly style (think punk and rockabilly mixed – battle vests and jackets with studs and patches, lots of fun colored hair, boots and Converse)
  • Gothabilly style (think Morticia Addams and Lily Munster)

The amazing thing about vintage is there are so many styles you can choose!

4. Volunteer work. So many girls have joined our group because we don’t want to just get dressed up cute and go out, we want to make a difference in our community through donation drives and volunteer days at various organizations throughout the metroplex.

The name was kind spur of the moment. We are from the Dallas area, we are pinups, and pinups are commonly called dolls. So here we are!

Q: How did it start? Who organized it and why?

We began this group on a whim. Our Co-Founder Katalina Rose moved to the Dallas area from Alabama, where she previously managed a group. I met her at an event and we really hit it off. She asked me one day if there was an official pinup group in Dallas, and there wasn’t that I was aware of at the time. So we decided to make one with our fellow friends in the scene! It started as a fun group where we chatted about things, and then we officially formed and launched on 1/1/2018.

Q: What kinds of events do you participate in and why? What’s your favorite event you’ve created/attended?

We love a lot of different events, such as:

  • Classic Car Shows. These are the most fun to attend! Usually pre-65 hot rods, such as the Invasion in Dallas in September Pistons & Paint in Denton in November, and the Kennedy Cruise in Dallas in November. These events are a blast with fun music, vendors for shopping, and fun photo opportunities. The fall is car show central since it’s a bit cooler temperature wise! Easier for those old cars to run.
  • Music Shows and Festivals. There are quite a few great rockabilly bands that are local or not local but stop by often – Reverend Horton Heat, Tiger Army, Wayme Hancock, Drop Top Rockets, The Brains, Delta Bombers, to name a few. Always so fun to go dancing or hang out with friends with some great music! Fun locals venues are Three Links (especially if you love punk), Trees, Gas Money Bar N Grill and Gas Monkey Live!
  • Pinup Contests. This is where we shine! A pinup contest is where we dress to the nines, hair and makeup is on point, and you stand on stage in front of a live crowd and answer questions about yourself in a fun and cute way. The audience cheers for you and often there are judges. You can wish cash prizes often! There’s a great one yearly at at great bar called Mother Truckers in September. Highly recommend it’s a great time!

Q: Your mission statement is all about diversity and inclusion, and you say “advocacy for underprivileged community members or groups” is a huge part of what you do. What are some of the ways you encourage inclusion and advocacy?

This is the most important aspect of our group. We welcome EVERYONE – regardless of age, shape, size, background, education, income, beliefs, etc. We just formed a great group inside Dallas Pinup Dolls called DPD Includes Me. The main focus of this group is education – educating our dolls on how we can be more inclusive and understanding of those who may have grown up and experienced different things than you or I have, and how we can be more accepting of those folks as a group and community.

An important aspect of our committee is anti-bullying. Unfortunately, bullying is very prevalent in the pinup scene. Some women get inflated egos and want to criticize those around them and put other women down. We are about empowering all our members, supporting and encouraging them through positivity with each other and community service.

Our DPD Includes Me Committee hasn’t officially launched yet, but will be by the beginning of 2019.

We also share all our volunteer efforts through Monthly Focuses. Generally every month, we pick a new organization to focus on. January focused on homeless veterans – we donated magazines to a program’s offices who were running low on reading material in the waiting room. February focused on Hope’s Door domestic violence shelter – we donated highly needed items to their shelters (new underwear and diapers). We also do other types of community service such as Sandwiches for Soupmobile. Soupmobile is a mobile kitchen that hands out food to the homeless of Dallas, and we help make sandwiches on the third Saturday of every month. We post about these wonderful organizations to encourage others to help out as well!

Q: What events do you have coming up and why are you excited about them?

Our first public event is coming up soon – our Dallas Pinup Dolls Classic Car Trunk-or-Treat! It is a kid friendly event that will be held on Sunday, 10/14/18 at Carrabba’s in North Dallas off the Tollway. It is free entry for spectators; pre-72 cars can pre-register for $10.

We are collaborating with Paws in the City, a dog adoption group, for the event. Any money donated and all car registration fees are going towards helping pups find their new family. There will be a dog adoption at the event, as well as lots of games and trick-or-treating! And did we mention kids in costume eat free?

We have 4 public events planned for 2019 as well – stay tuned!!

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