LWG 2018 September Book Swap in Plano and Arlington

We all have those books that we love and want to share with everyone we know, as well as the books we are ready to let go of. This month, Ladies Who Geek held our first book swap so that we could share our libraries with one another! We held this book swap in two locations: The Barnes and Noble Kitchen in Plano, and at UniTea Bubble Tea in Arlington.

The food and drink were delicious, as always! At the Plano location, the Barnes and Noble kitchen gave us several free appetizers, and LWG provided a couple of carafes of the lovely drinks there for everyone.

We all intended to come share and give away our books without taking nearly as many home, and we partially succeeded. The tables were spread with books and we spent the evening discussing why we loved (or didn’t love) the books we were giving away. We all ended up taking at least something home, feeling like we’d gotten the better end of the deal. But we also ended up with several boxes of books to donate to a local domestic violence shelter resale shop! This was a very fun event that we hope to repeat every half a year or so. If you have books you know you want to get rid of, please save them for our next event, coming sometime this spring!

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