LWG 2018 March Harry Potter Brunch Recap

Ladies Who Geek held our first special event this month: a Harry Potter Magical Cocktail Class! We all wanted to get our letter from Hogwarts and this was our chance to finally go, with the added benefits of wonderful company and fun cocktails!

Even before we arrived at the house of the board member who hosted the event, we were immersed in the magical world: we received a letter telling us where to catch the Hogwarts Express!

Every corner of the house was filled with amazing detailed decoration. The imposing grand staircase was lined with portraits of all the most famous witches and wizards in history, though there was one portrait that seemed slightly out of place to careful observers …  At the top of the stairs, we could send letters at the owlery or else use the ladies’ toilet, if we didn’t mind the company of Moaning Myrtle.

Out in the grounds, we could lounge in the comfortable armchair inside Hagrid’s Hut or else play Quidditch on the pitch. We also saw evidence of the excellent herbology work of Professor Sprout in a flower pot inside – this mandrake will surely help if anyone happens to get petrified!

There was a fun photo booth with a hanging picture frame and excellent backdrop; we all got to take our chance to feel the fear that those unfortunate enough to be sought by Dementors might have felt. We even got our own moving picture taken, if we wanted!

The main event was the cocktail competition: each attendee could try mixing the recipes listed in our potions book and giving them to the competition judges to score points for her house. The competition came down to a dramatic tie between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, necessitating a tie-breaker round. The true master of potions and heir to the half-blood prince Snape turned out to be Jessica of Hufflepuff!

Each attendee got to keep her cauldron and a wand, as well as a bag of extra goodies to take home. Our next event will be a free happy hour gathering later this month, on Wednesday, March 21. The new Barnes and Noble Kitchen in Plano will be a perfect place to geek out together about our favorite books! Join us by RSVPing here! We will also be having a free potluck mixer on April 14th with board games, Netflix, etc. Join us and get to know fellow geeky ladies!

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