LWG 2018 June Cosplay Picnic Recap

The heat didn’t stop us from gathering to celebrate our cosplay geekiness this month at a co-ed, kid-friendly picnic! The Bears’ Den in Euless was the perfect location, with a shaded pavilion to keep the worst of the sun away, and a shaded playground for the kids to enjoy right next to it. We also played some corn hole under the pavilion, and we had chalk to draw and play tic-tac-toe as well. We also had some of our doggie friends join us!

We ate traditional picnic hot dogs and chips, sandwiches, lemonade, and veggies, but we also got to enjoy cooling sno cones! The spoons even changed color based on temperature. We also enjoyed the spraybottles of water in front of the fans. It was wonderful to talk to some new ladies as well as repeat offenders!

The heat did keep some from going full-on cosplay, but not everyone. We got to see Black Cat, Ruby Roundhouse, The Flash, and Jubilee, among others! We also had some casual geeky tshirts, skirts, and dresses, as always.

Our next event will also be co-ed, with our Sunday Fun-Day on June 24, 6-8pm; Regeneration Arcade Bar and Pizzeria is opening its brand new shiny doors to Ladies Who Geek! Attendees must be 18+. We’ll have a private area in their dining room to fall back and relax, hang out and socialize in. In addition, the price includes the following: 1) Full access to all arcade and pinball equipment 2) Unlimited pizza and soda for the duration of the time slot, and 3) Each person over the age of 21 will receive one beer ticket for one of the craft beers or ciders that they carry. Come have a slice, a drink, and some arcade time with your kick-butt members and wind down your Sunday Fun-day!

We are also excited about our very first group Painting with a Twist event in Denton on June 30, from 2-4pm, details TBA. Come out and paint an old-school selfie in the style of pop art! We will be in Denton, TX, and you won’t want to miss our first group Painting with a Twist event. If you don’t want to see yourself on canvas, you can use your favorite character instead. Don’t be intimidated – we are all in this together!

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