LWG 2018 July Regeneration Arcade Bar & Pizzeria

This weekend, Ladies Who Geek was honored to check out the brand new Regeneration Arcade Bar & Pizzeria during their soft opening event! It was a fantastic space for hanging out, playing games, and relaxing with friends. We had a sold-out house of LWG members and friends for this exciting co-ed event.

The decor and color scheme at the  fun and a bit retro, and there’s a nice separate area for eating, with booths and tables. They have some great wall art, too! Travis, Joey, and the rest of the staff were so kind and welcoming to everyone! They asked us to test out all the equipment and let them know about any problems, and they also treated us to pizza and a good selection of drinks as we explored.

The games were fun – some great classic selections, a whole row of pinball variants, some good shooters, and engaging multi-player games. There is an air hockey table and a pool table in the back for some screen-less competitive action. There are also three large TVs set up with console games and couches for people who prefer to curl up on sofas as they game. We absolutely loved the atmosphere and staff at Regeneration, and we’ll be sure to come back soon!

LWG also has a number of exciting events coming up this August. We have a Magic the Gathering night for free on August 15 at WeWork Legacy West. On August 25, we will be doing our first Painting with a Twist event in Denton, and you’ll be able to paint yourself (or your favorite character) in pop art style! In September, you can also come paint figurines with us for free at Games Workshop in Frisco on September 2. Whatever your geekdom, we have something fun for you to come participate in!


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