LWG 2018 July Boardgames & Tea in Arlington Recap

LWG met up Saturday July 22 for our Boardgames & Tea event in Arlington. We were delighted to play games, drink bubble tea and talk to new and old friends! Various games such as Codenames and Pass the Popcorn were played in the small quaint Unitea Bubble Tea near the University of Arlington.
We discussed our passion for books, movies, and boardgames. The food and drinks were lovely – we tried the fried chicken wings and drank our favorite bubble tea flavor.

We have a number of exciting events coming up, including a number of free and highly interactive ones, and we hope you can join us! Our next event is Sunday Fun-Day event at the new Regeneration Arcade Bar and Pizzeria in Dallas on July 29 – we are their soft opening event, so the prices are deeply discounted! In August, you can also come paint figurines with us for free at Games Workshop in Frisco on August 5. We have a Magic the Gathering night for free on August 15 at WeWork Legacy West. On August 25, we will be doing our first Painting with a Twist event in Denton, and you’ll be able to paint yourself (or your favorite character) in pop art style! Whatever your geekdom, we have something fun for you to come participate in!

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