Member Spotlight – Jaimee Moore Hunter

 What are your favorite fandoms and why?
 I almost envy our compatriots for their passion for fandoms. I have never gone nuts for just one thing but have been an equal-opportunity geek gal. I love Star Trek as much as Star Wars and know the contentious statement that can be for some. Game of Thrones enthralls me and Outlander is the greatest love story of all time. I am an opening-weekend gal for anything Marvel and think the latest Wonder Woman leaves me happily speechless. Most of all, I love to crochet it all, the more pop-cult, the better.
What nerdy or geeky activities do you love and what got you interested in them?
When I was a young one, my Nanny taught us about arts and crafts and made sure we always had an activity. For me, crochet was the one that stuck. Her need to keep us busy has become my craft of choice as well as a money-maker and stress-reliever. With the advent of Pinterest, I finally have a way to really explore all that crochet has going for it.
Who are your favorite characters (from anything!) and why?
I want to be Wonder Woman. Or Mrs. Jones from Keeping Up With The Jones’. I just idolize any strong woman who kicks booty and the hair and makeup are on fleek at the same time. Shallow but true.
When did you get involved in the DFW area nerdy scene or in GGB?
My good friend Nicole Wight introduced me one month when she couldn’t take advantage of her tickets. I loved the ladies, the vibe, it all and was hooked. It’s the most amazing thing to sit down for a meal and share your passions with a stranger and feel like they are your sisters in the span of just hours.
What is your superpower?
I have two. Crochet without a pattern. Empathizing.
Who is your role model?
It’s corny, but my mother and my late sister are and were the most loving and supportive women in my life. I want to be like that for others.
What else do you want people to know about you? (or any other way you want to phrase this question)
Jenny Lawson, also known to many as the Bloggess, should be everyone’s next read. Start with her first big hit as a blogger, “Pick Your Battles” or just google Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken. Then purchase her books. Her frank acknowledgement of mental illness is spot on for anyone who just wants to feel “normal.” I suffer with depression and anxiety and have all of my life. Sometimes the smile is a smile and sometimes it is a mask. Jenny puts it best…we see a doctor for the flu, for cancer, for so many “real” illnesses. However, our society puts such a stigma on mental illnesses that we are shamed if our mind has an illness. Many do not seek help. We need each other and we need professionals to assist us. Mental illness is real. Depression lies. We need each other.

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