Member Spotlight – Christina Revis

Some of you may remember Christina from her wonderful demo at Makerspace last year on cosplay armor and weapon construction. We’re featuring an interview with her this month as part of our Member Spotlight!

Q: What are your favorite fandoms and why?

A: Batman has been my longest running fandom. I’ve been obsessed with Batman since as long as I can remember, the only thing that comes close to length of time I’ve been a dedicated fan is maybe TMNT. I’m also a super fan of Sherlock. Firefly, Walking Dead, Xmen and countless video game franchises. Most recently I’ve been 100% submerged in Overwatch. It’s just such a great game.

Q: What nerdy or geeky activities do you love and what got you interested in them?

A: Well, so far I really enjoy the geek girl brunch and cons! Before my first con I had never even touched worbla, raw leather or EVA. I’ve learned so incredibly much in the last 3.5 years. Not only did I meet a whole world of people who share interests with me but I also learned so many new skills and trades that have made my life so versatile and open to possibilities. Now I’m doing Fangirls with Taffeta and getting to travel all over to cons and it’s just crazy how just one invitation and one extra ticket can change your entire life.

Q:  What is your favorite cosplay or one you are most proud of?

A: Oh by far my Kratos costume from GoW2. I worked so incredibly hard on that suit and it was the first thing I’ve ever made that was as close to “real” as possible. All metal and leather.

Q: Who are your favorite characters (from anything!) and why?

A: Batman of course as mentioned above, Claptrap from Borderlands (because he’s just so stinking lovable), Kratos, Legolas from LoTR (obvious reasons, I mean could you be more badass?) and oh man oh man do I eat sleep and dream Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time.

Q: When did you get involved in the DFW area nerdy scene or in GGB?

A: I started GGB about 2 years ago when Taff introduced me. My first con was in 2013 when a friend of mine just so happened to have an extra ticket to sci fi expo. I’ve been hooked since and have made my way to DragonCon and Blizzcon since then!

Q: What is your superpower?

A: I wish I could say something epic like summoning fireballs, however I’ll gave to be truthful and say at best I’m somewhat psychic. My powers of deduction help me see things before they actually happen. Now if I could actually be smart enough to listen to them Haha.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: Can I say Batman again? Actually that’s a tough one. I feel I have role models for every different area in my life. SherlockBatmanJ-LawKatnissKratosMichonne… oh and my grandma!

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