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2019 Board of Directors

Alyx FloodVP Communications, VP Activities – Alyx Flood

Fighting evil by moonlight and planning events by daylight, Alyx is always on the lookout for new places to go and interesting things to do. Whether it’s playing archery tag, checking out local concerts, or just knitting and reading at home, ze keeps busy while staying organized. When ze isn’t going on adventures, Alyx likes to relax with zir wife and a plate of hot wings.






Director Social Media – Briana Ford

Carissa AmiciDirector Merchandise Manager – Carissa Amici

Hi everyone! I’m Carissa and I am the Director Merchandise Manager for 2019. I joined Ladies Who Geek a few years ago because I wanted to find more ladies who loved a lot of the same video games, Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows/movies as me. I have a lot of favorite fandoms such as Rick and Morty, Firefly, and Uncharted, but the one my friends know I love the most (and the one I have the most memorabilia from) is Star Wars. I look forward to helping the organization as best I can and meeting a lot of new friends in 2019.


Danita RamboPresident – Danita Rambo

Danita Rambo is a Technology Project & Product Manager in Dallas, Texas. A native of Ft. Worth, TX, Danita transitioned to Dallas over a decade ago. Previously she volunteered with the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce managing special events, working with companies to throw corporate parties and company wide events.

Too many interests and not enough people. Danita Rambo is a digital do-all-the-things-er­, geek, and on her way to being Catwoman. Besides being a dork and squee-ing over Doctor Who, Danita loves to read. She may have a book fort in her home.




Erin Rita MessickDirector Volunteer Manager – Erin Messick

Erin Rita Messick- scientist, professor, anime nerd, gamer. She has perfected the mix of pinup and cosplay – a true Geek Chic Queen. Her degree and background is in cancer Immunology and biomedical research, but her passion is with volunteering and community service work. By daylight, Erin works for a major nonprofit, helping girls across the Dallas area by day. By moonlight – she loves conventions, gaming nights, and hanging with geeky friends.






Jessica BankeWeb Manager – Jessica Banke

Jessica joined Ladies Who Geek in January 2018. Throughout the year, she had a great time connecting with geeky women at various brunches, happy hours, and board game nights, so she decided to join LWG as a board member for 2019. Outside of LWG, she’s a Salesforce Analyst at GM Financial who watches anime, plays tabletop, listens to EDM/Indie music, and attends cons in her free time. She loves being part of a community of smart, passionate women and looks forward to another great year with everyone!



VP Marketing – Kathryn Siegert

VP Membership, Director Special Events – Kym Williams

VP Administration – Meagan Mason

Director Member Professional Development, Director Networking – Mercedes Hardin

VP Philanthropy – Nichole Parr

Executive Vice President – Nicole Wight

VP Affiliation Development – Nina Batts

VP Finance – Sabrina Sarver

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