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2020 Board of Directors

Submit Your Application to be on the 2020 Board of Directors!

Want to hashtag it up? How about promoting, creating flyers, marketing, or jumping into LWG’s social media? Do you want to find/sell cool products to support our organization via our online store? Then the Marketing Guild is the place for you!


  • VP Marketing
  • Director Merchandise Manager
  • Director Social Media




Do you like running things? Do you like running ALL THE THINGS? Do timelines and process and operational ideas make you tick? Can you get down with a good document outline or task board? Check out our Ops Guild positions!


  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Director Volunteer Manager
  • VP Communications
  • VP Administration




Do you like socializing? Are you the extrovert in a sea of introverts? Do you want to motivate, promote, and encourage our members? Do you like getting gifts and giving gifts? Check out the Members Guild!


  • VP Membership
  • Director Member Professional Development
  • VP Philanthropy




Are you the best at throwing parties? Do you know the right people, the best places, and how to get it all under your wing. If you enjoy helping others have an enjoyable time hop into the Activities Guild.


  • VP Activities
  • Director Networking
  • Director Special Events
  • VP Affiliation Development




Can you number? Can you digit? Do you enjoy budgets and bank accounts and keeping money in line? Calculate your way into the Finance Guild!


  • VP Finance
  • Director Member Financial Reporting
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